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“We used MJ Sheerin, CPA, MST tax preparation services in preparing the income tax return of one our companies and filing our final federal and state income tax return. MJ Sheerin was wonderful in not only doing the needed tax papers and forms but went out of her way to help us gather the needed information. I highly recommend her. “

— Christine Alexander, Owner & Director of Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization, Raleigh, NC —

“Mary Jo has been my CPA for the past 2 years and she is outstanding. Her combination of knowledge and caring make her a perfect CPA. I am self employed and work from a home office. With Mary Jo’s expertise she saved me thousands on my first return! She even reminds me when to send my quarterly taxes in. She is the only CPA I will ever use.”

                          –Carol Redden,  Regional  Director of NC at The South Mountain Group, NC–

“I had met Mary Jo thru my BNI Group. As a Real Estate agent and with my investments and other income, I needed someone that was knowledgeable and would help prepare my annual and quarterly tax returns. I have used other accountants in the past for my tax preparation, but Mary Jo is the best, bar none. I would be very happy and confident in recommending Mary Jo to anyone.”

–Gary Zeller, Realtor Associate at Keller Williams Realty, Cary, NC —

“Mary Jo knows the ins and outs of the tax world which is a world that most of us like to avoid at all costs. She is knowledgeable, easy to work with and she crosses her “t’s” and dots her “i’s”. She was able to help me with my business tax file and made it easy for me. Great CPA.”

                     –Paxton Galvanek, Owner & Business Manager at Strafe Gaming Lounge, Fuquay-Variana, NC —

“Mary Jo teams her passion for accounting, her expanded knowledge and her willingness to help others into an unbeatable product; her CPA service! She has helped me better organize my records and is easy to work with.”

                   –Bart Streb, Owner of Real Estate Repair and Restoration, Holly Springs, NC —

“I’ve gotten to know Mary Jo through our association with Business Networking International, and I would confidently reccommend any of my valued clients, friends or family to her!”

Robert Ruff, Sales Development Consultant at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, NC–

“I am very confident in her work and feel that she offers valuable tax advise. She is proactive in communicating things that we need to be aware of before year end and she answers questions in a timely manner.”

–Nilam Patel, Raleigh, NC–

 “I just came from another amazing meeting with my certified public accountant.  While I can’t help but look forward to meeting with her next quarter too, I’m guessing not everyone feels as enthusiastic about meeting their CPA”

— Heather Allen,  Owner & President of Capital H. Creative, Inc.